Mojan Membrado (Paris, France) teaches in the Eurasia Department, National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO). She collaborates with several research Laboratories for the study of religious minorities at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Membrado received her PhD (summa cum laude) from the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE) in Religious Studies, focus on Islamic “heterodoxies” in the Persianate world at Sorbonne University. Her doctoral dissertation was a critical edition, commentary and historical study of an Ahl-e Haqq doctrinal text, Forqân al-Akhbâr, by Hâjj Ne’matollâh Jeyhunâbâdi (1871-1920).
Her current research interests include “normativity” in esoteric and syncretistic communities; religious groups encountering modernity; and the changing status of women in modernizing religious communities.
Her publications include :

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